The Writing of the Gospels, by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

We are in this world, but we are not “of” this world. We hold to another standard of living, not the standard of this world.

Jesus came to show us how to love and to teach us the truth. It is unimaginable that God would send such a revelation in a person, his son, but to read about it is to believe it. I cannot read the gospels without believing.

Historically Jesus was a person who walked the earth. We have reliable documents about his life. Sometimes we hear arguments that the New Testament Gospels were written decades after he died, but think about this. If you lived at that time, you would have taken notes of his sermons, right? People would have compared notes and experiences, over the years. Then larger “stories” would have been written down, as they were heard, and finally they would have been collected because somebody realized how important it was to have all of these accounts in one coherent collection.

Early believers were so interested in “telling” the good news and eventually they realized they needed to preserve the story in the written word, for future generations. We cannot say exactly when it happened, but for people to discredit the gospels because we don’t have evidence that they were written down closer to the time Christ lived (estimates are maybe 60 years later) is just preposterous.

I picture all of these notes on scraps of papyrus or whatever they were writing on in those days, and then some groups of people becoming intent on compiling them. As a result we are now blessed with the gospel, the story of Christ. The Christ who healed and forgave sins–two indisputable attributes of divinity.