Reading the books of the Bible

This morning I read the book of 1 Peter. The Bible is not like a story that has to be read from cover to cover. However, it has individual books that you may want to read in their entirety. They are divided into chapters which in turn are divided into verses. Some people read a chapter a day. Many memorize their favorite verses. If you want to read through the entire Bible in a year, you can do so by reading three chapters a day. This is a good habit to form.

As I said previously, the first four books of the New Testament are documentations of the life of Jesus written by four different eye witnesses. It is remarkable that we have such reliable sources available to us. Historically there have been times when certain rulers tried to abolish and destroy the Bible. This always remains a mystery to me because Christians are taught in the Bible to obey those who have authority over them. Of course this is with the exception of worshipping other deities or committing a sin against others.

Christians have sometimes been persecuted for their faith, but, as a whole, Christians who live in love and humility as the Bible indicates are appreciated and respected around the world. Why would you not want to live next to someone who is kind, peace loving, gentle, faithful to his or her spouse, does not steal or lie, does not give a false witness in court, does not extort money from others but rather is generous?

Christians do not always live this way, but this is the standard that is held up for us in the Bible. If we choose to go our own way and please ourselves, we are turning away from following Christ. In 2 Peter this is compared to a dog returning to its vomit, pretty graphic. Once we have truly understood the extent of the forgiveness that Christ mercifully offers to us we do not want to return to a lifestyle that is self-centred and insensitive to others and grieves Christ.