Reading the Bible can be difficult

I speak from personal experience. There are parts of the Bible that I love to read, and others that I do not enjoy. I don’t enjoy the apocalyptic books, the books that speak allegorically about things to come. I don’t enjoy some of the negative, condemning passages. Books like Isaiah and Jeremiah are filled with these. If you are new to the Bible it may shock you how much negative content the Bible contains.

When I was new to the Bible I underlined verses that were especially meaningful to me. I mostly read parts of the New Testament, and the books of Psalms and Proverbs in the Old Testament. It’s OK to stay here for awhile, although eventually you will want to get a grasp of the whole book.

I kind of look at it this way. Someone who is really serious about finding hidden treasure will spend a lot of time digging. The Bible has a lot of hidden treasure.


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